Your new go-to pants come with these WR.UP patented features

Anti-slip waistband

It’ll move with your waistline

Form fitting fabric

It’ll move and flex with you no matter what


It’ll support and hug to shape you

Breathable fabric

Wear more, wash less

Fabric so soft

You’ll never want to take them off

"They match with everything and flatter your legs unbelievably. I always get compliments when I wear them and the best part is they are super comfortable and a dream to wear."

Elise N

“Absolutely love them, they are so comfortable and fit perfectly”

Kelly M

“I was pleasantly surprised the jeans fitted me perfectly & my usually normal butt was transformed into a booty.”


“OMG these are my first pair of Freddy jeans & it won't be my last. Just amazing how well they emphasise your lower body & butt (in a nice way) & they are super comfy”

Jodi T

“This is my 4th pair of freddys. Absolutely love them !!! Since buying my first pair i have not bought any other brand. Love them sooo much and will definitely be buying more”

Caitlyn C

“No pair of pants will ever be as comfortable as these pants. They look amazing and the compliments just don’t stop coming!”

Rebecca H

“My bottom has never looked so good!”

Beverly D

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“The colour is amazing and as usual, so comfy and flattering. I've had many comments and even had random girls in a bar ask if I was wearing Freddys. I told them to go get some - it'll be the best purchase they make!! Haha These are my second pair and definitely not my last ♡”


“The best fit and make me feel fabulous! I now have 2 pairs of the same, so comfortable and a go to wardrobe essential”

Victoria T

“They fit all your curves in the right places and make your butt look amazing. Thank you Freddy, they are my wardrobe staple!”

Elsise N

“They're the best pants I've ever worn! Once you have your first pair, you'll for sure want more!”

Karina S

“These pants live up to the hype! They are soft and comfortable as well as look great for a night out! Wearing these pants not only do I feel confident but also sexy as well! I am glad that I decided to try these. Excited for the next pair of pants!”

Ally S

“Very good quality, I now understand the hype of them. They are as great as everyone says they are”

Shawna P

“I don't think I will ever wear any other brand! This cut is so flattering no matter your shape or size, they are so comfortable! So many compliments every time I wear them.”

Carla M

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