Grey Trousers

Serving as the ultimate fashion arsenal for the everyday woman, our grey trousers seamlessly blend neutrality with a strikingly bold statement. The varied shades of our grey pants offer a versatile backdrop, opening up a world of combinations.

At the intersection of innovative technology and Italian craftsmanship, our grey trousers stand a class apart. Our patented technologies, styles and unique materials - WR.UP®, N.O.W®, and Diwo PRO play pivotal roles in the curation of our luxurious grey trousers for women. Each pair of trousers with WR.UP® technology is not just a piece of clothing, but a nod to femininity, designed with silicone waistbands that amplify your body's natural shape.

From the figure-hugging charm of skinny fits, the timeless allure of mid and low rises, to the effortless grace of bootcut and flare styles, there's a pair of women's grey pants just waiting to become your next favourite.

The N.O.W® technology combines the best of both worlds. The snug, tailored fit of trousers with the flexibility of yoga pants that’re crafted from lightweight and breathable organic cotton fabric. The Diwo Pro trouser materials are designed to regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool, or warm, for every day of every season.

Turn heads on a dinner date by pairing your grey trousers with a lacey camisole, strappy heels, and a clutch purse. The contrasting textures will create an elegant and intriguing outfit. Or, tone it down with a pair of sneakers and a fleece jumper. The possibilities are infinite with something from our stunning collection of women's grey pants. At Freddy, we don't merely design clothes; we engineer experiences.

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