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FREEDY WR.UP® jeans, leggings and trousers are in a league of their own. Effortlessly combining comfort, style and class, they've got your back (and booty) covered throughout the seasons. 

These exceptional pieces of clothing are more than just fashion items; they are your partners in confidence, designed to make you look and feel amazing every day. With their versatile designs, whether you opt for classic denim, sleek leggings, or trendy trousers, you'll always be on-trend and ready for any occasion.

Experience the FREDDY Difference

Experience the ultimate FREDDY fit in our oh-so-comfortable WR.UP® trousers. We have hundreds of designs, colours and styles that scream main character energy. Whether you're looking for everyday trousers, casual work pants, or figure-hugging jeans, give your wardrobe a serious glow-up with these versatile basics you can dress up or down. 

Forget trousers that slide down, lose their shape and flatten your gorgeous bum. With an anti-slip waistband, lightweight silicone detailing and bio-elastic fabric, our FREDDY WR.UP® trousers stretch with your body, perfectly contour your curves and stay in place no matter how much you move. From skin-tight faux leather leggings to flared denim jeans and oversized cargo trousers, we believe every woman deserves to look AND feel incredible, whatever her style. 

Need casual, work, or date-worthy trousers? Shop our wide range of women's trousers and experience FREDDY’s snatched, sculpted, figure-hugging fit today.

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